cake smash

Cake Smash Photography in Essex, Suffolk and London

Cake smash photography shoots are increasing in popularity as parents look for novel ways to mark their child’s first birthday. Similar to baby sensory, these shoots capture little ones as they experience the texture, temperature and taste of cake – usually for the first time.​

Some kids get right in there, bashing and hitting the cake, and some even go in with just their mouth and no hands! Other babies are more delicate, picking pieces off and sweetly eating their way through the cake, which is provided as part of the shoot.

It’s not uncommon for babies to not like the cake smash to start with as it’s not normal for them to sit on the floor and be allowed to get stuck into a cake. To help prepare for the cake smash photography shoot, I suggest giving your baby a frosted cupcake a week or so before the shoot and sit them on the kitchen floor with no socks on and let them do as they wish with it.

​To encourage a relaxed atmosphere for the cake smash photography shoot, I treat the photography session like a stay and play. Parents are encouraged to sing and play with their child to help make them feel more comfortable while I snap away.

Then comes the cake smash, complete with wooden spoon to bash away with. Once the photography session is complete, before the baby is given a wash in my tin bath – feel free to bring bubbles for this bit!

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